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Intel Core i5 / 14″ Display
4GB of RAM / 250GB of HDD

Get iPad on Rent

iPad rentals are excellent for occasions like trade exhibitions, corporate events, and product launches. They can also be utilised for a variety of other duties, like campaigning, marketing, presentations/demos, and processing mobile payments. We have a variety of devices at our disposal for remote work, including our iPads on rent. To learn more about how renting an iPad might help your project or event, can contact us. Since iPads are rapidly improving how people work by boosting their flexibility, mobility, and productivity, renting an iPad mini 2 or 4 for meetings or a short- or long-term project is becoming commonplace.

What Factors should be considered to take iPad on Rent

Quantity –Renting iPads in large quantities is a great method to reduce the cost. The price usually decreases when you rent additional iPads for your events.

Specifications – The configuration is the single most crucial element in figuring out how much an iPad will cost to rent. The cheapest iPad is a low-end, older model with a standard amount of memory and storage. The cost rises if you upgrade to the newest iPad or add more RAM or storage. If you require cellular access, the cost also rises. The cost will also rise if you choose a pricier device, such an iPad Pro.

Location: Just as with any goods, you must have an iPad rental delivered to your workplace or event. The price of tax and delivery fees will directly depend on where you live and how many iPads you order.

Availability – The finest iPad rentals are always offered for the products that we keep in stock, on the shelf, and prepared for shipping. There is a good probability that we have what you need because we carry thousands of iPads on rent.

Pre-Ordering : Planning and placing your order as far in advance as you can will help you save the most money on your iPad rental. Usually, a long lead time translates into lower costs. Rentry can always arrange for an iPad rental to be dispatched overnight and delivered the following morning. However, if we have a few more days, we can use ground delivery services to save you money and drastically reduce your costs.

Modern corporate events like trade exhibitions and conventions significantly rely on cutting-edge technology like iPad on rent. Our selection of iPad rentals is vast that includes Ipads and ipads Pro. Get the best configuration of ipads at a competitive rate. Visit our site and book your ipad as per your requirements.