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Xeon Quad Core
64GB of RAM / 1TB of HDD

Server on Rent

Before acquiring any good or service, any organisation in the modern era needs to consider the cost. One of the reputable businesses that provides services like server rentals in Delhi NCR, backup device rentals, storage device rentals, etc. is none other than Rentry. Renting is always preferable to buying because it reduces costs and taxes paid to the government. Server on rent, is easily available now with us at affordable costs that don’t sacrifice quality.

Reasons to hire Server on Rent

The fundamental component of the server renting service is the provision of virtual dedicated server hosting to the user. It is virtually identical to employing physical hosting or a dedicated server if an organisation has control over the operating system of the dedicated hosting. Renting a server also includes additional features like acquiring your own IP address, root directory access, managing ports, and creating routing tables. Renting a server is more affordable here.

In addition to reducing your capex, renting a server provides you complete control over it. When a new technology hits the market, you can rapidly update the flexibility of rented server gear. Renting also takes care of the portion of it that requires repair and upkeep.

Know where to get the best rental server

You must work with the top server rental business in Delhi, like us, if you’re seeking for a high-performance server that also has the newest hardware and is completely genuine and certified. Rentry is the business that offers a variety of advantages while also charging a fair price. After hiring us, you won’t need to consider anything besides our server basket. As Delhi’s leading server rental company, we are committed to offering premium servers on rent

We recognise the value of a strong and dependable server in today’s hectic workplace. A well-known IT company in the server and storage rental business is Rentry services. We are ever grateful to the leading IT and consulting firms in India that rely on us time and time again when they need to rent servers.

We offer customers the option to rent a dedicated server that is housed in safe data centres in Delhi and will guarantee smooth functioning. You will also receive all different kinds of brands from us, including Basic Server, HP G7 SERVER, DELL R620 SERVER, DELL R710 SERVER, HP G9 SERVER, IBM E1220 SERVER, etc. Rent a dedicated server from us for fair pricing, top-notch services, and a persistent focus on the unique needs of each client.



HP G7 Server
HP G7 Server
XEON E5620*2 / 64GB RAM / 300*6 SAS HDD
server on rent in delhi
HP G9 Server
XEON E5-260 V3 / 128GB RAM / 1TB*2 SAS HDD
A modern server available for rent in Delhi.
Dell R620 Server
XEON E5 2660*2 / 128GB RAM / 900*8 SAS HDD
IBM Server E1220
XEON E3 1220 V2 / 32GB RAM / 1TB*2 SAS HDD
server on rent in delhi
Dell R710 SERVER
XEON L5520*2 / 64GB RAM / 1TB*5 SAS HDD