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8 Myths That May Stop You From Benefiting From Renting IT Equipment


Every good IT Manager or CTO knows that their team needs the best tools to do their job effectively. Their challenge? To equip his team with the latest technology, while ensuring cost-effectiveness. In this quest, he comes across two paths – to buy or to rent IT equipment. He understands that owning the equipment provides a sense of control, but it also means a hefty upfront cost and the risk of technological obsolescence. The other option, renting IT equipment, though alluring with its financial flexibility and access to the latest tech, is shrouded in myths and fears that have long been ingrained in his mind.

The thought of spending a substantial amount of money and yet not owning the equipment sends a shiver down his spine. He believes that leasing is a cocktail of hidden fees and charges, a path leading to outdated technology, and an invitation to dependence on the leasing provider. Despite hearing about the potential benefits of leasing, these fears form a formidable wall, blocking his view and keeping him from exploring this path further.

This article aims to challenge these myths. We will attempt to understand these fears, weigh them against the facts. Our goal is to provide clarity and to bring you closer to an informed decision.

Myth 1: Renting IT equipment is more expensive than buying.

Fact: Leasing offers financial flexibility and can be more cost-effective in the long run by freeing up capital, allowing for regular technology upgrades, and providing potential tax benefits.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment is more expensive than buying

As a person responsible for deciding whether to lease or buy your IT equipment, you may have a belief that leasing IT equipment ends up being pricier than buying. Now, I understand why you might think that way. You have a budget to manage, and buying seems like a one-and-done deal. But let’s give it another thought.

Buying all the equipment together takes a big chunk from your budget, money that can be used for growing your business. Leasing can spread out that cost, and keep the cash flowing. It’s like turning a steep staircase into a gentle slope.

In short, you don’t have to slow down the growth of your company because a big part of your budget gets exhausted while buying IT equipment. You can opt for laptops on rent for businesses and use capital to grow your business.

Myth 2: You can’t lease the latest technology.

Fact: Leasing providers often offer the most up-to-date equipment, enabling businesses to stay current with the latest technology without making large upfront investments.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: You can't lease the latest technology

As CTO or IT head, you know the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and tech, and you also know that these come with a heavy price tag.

So, let’s throw a hypothetical into the mix. Let’s say your client comes up with a newer version of their CRM and it requires you to move from i5 to i7 processor-based systems. You only recently bought i5 laptops of the latest generation because when it comes IT equipment, buying for the future is always a costly proposition. Suddenly, the new and shiny laptops have either become obsolete or have significantly slowed down your employees, hampering their productivity. It’s not good for the moral of the employees either.

On other hand one could have bought i7s to start with but that would have increased the overall budget by at least 20%. Not an ideal scenario either.

In essence, it’s about getting the most mileage out of every rupee spent. And sometimes, hassle free IT rentals might just be the smarter route to that destination.

By the way if you want to read more about renting laptops, you can read here.

Myth 3: Renting IT equipment means you don’t own the assets.

Fact: Leasing arrangements can include options to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term or upgrade to newer models, giving businesses control over their IT assets.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment means you don't own the assets

Do you realize most of the big companies in US including IT giants like IBM lease their equipment? It is because they understand It’s not about owning the equipment but about the value it brings to their organization. It is no surprise USA leasing and financing of it equipment has become a one trillion dollar economy.

But that does not mean if you have found a perfect equipment whether it’s a laptop or a server, you can’t own it. You are always welcome to discuss with us whether Long-term laptop rental deals are better for you or its better to go for rent to own equipment options.

Myth 4: Leasing is only suitable for large enterprises.

Fact: Leasing can benefit businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations, by providing scalable and flexible IT solutions that match their unique needs and budget constraints.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing is only suitable for large enterprises

Consider a scenario where a CTO is managing a start-up or an SME. He might think leasing is a game only for big players. But, in truth, leasing is like a bespoke tailor, crafting solutions to fit businesses of all sizes, budgets, and needs. he can lease equipment that suits his company’s current needs and scale up as the company grows. It’s like renting a small office when starting out and moving to a larger one as the team grows. At Rentry, you can opt for budget laptop rental, mid-range laptop rental as well as high end laptop rental based on your business needs.

Myth 5: Leasing IT equipment is inflexible and restricts customization.

Fact: Leasing arrangements can be tailored to suit a business’s specific requirements, including custom configurations, add-ons, and flexible contract terms.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment is inflexible and restricts customization

Quite the opposite. Let us say you have bought a desktop and you realize one of the App you are running on it requires a bigger display that the one you have purchased. Or you need GPU that performs faster than your current configuration. Once the purchase has been made, you are not left with many options.

Rentry provides you with flexible renting options, all you need to do is give us a call and we will happily send you the configuration you need.


Myth 6: Leasing IT equipment results in hidden fees and charges.

Fact: A transparent leasing agreement should clearly outline all costs, including any fees for maintenance, repairs, or early termination. Carefully review the contract terms to avoid surprises.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment results in hidden fees and charges

It is normal to be vary of hidden costs. However, Rentry prides itself in having most transparent way of providing lease. And everything is clearly mentioned on contract. It outlines all costs upfront, including any fees for maintenance, repairs, or early termination. You can be sure that there will be no ugly surprises coming your way if you decide to work with us. In fact, if you are new to IT equipment rental, you may want to read on of our articles on laptop rental that explains the process of rental along with its benefits.


Myth 7: Renting IT equipment makes it difficult to manage software licenses and compliance.

Fact: Leasing providers can help businesses manage software licenses and maintain compliance with industry regulations, providing a more streamlined and hassle-free approach to software management.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment makes it difficult to manage software licenses and compliance

As wholesome service provider for IT companies, we not only provide IT equipment but also software and applications that you need to run your business. E.g. our clients in Digital Advertisement industry lease licenses for Adobe and Microsoft products and have repeatedly mentioned how it has saved them lot of cost over the years.  We are among very few IT equipment vendors who can claim to provide wholistic IT equipment service including software rental services.

 Myth 8: Renting IT equipment creates a dependence on the leasing provider.

Fact: While renting IT equipment involves working closely with a leasing provider, this relationship can actually benefit businesses by offering access to expert advice, customized solutions, and ongoing support throughout the lease term.

Image showing Myth and Fact about: Leasing IT equipment creates a dependence on the leasing provider

Again, totally the opposite. Once we have delivered the equipment to you, there is no intervention from our end on how you are using that equipment. If anything, consider Rentry as a partner on whom you can count for expert advice, customized solutions, and ongoing support. It’s like having a trusted advisor on your team, helping you make the best decisions for your business.


In essence, these myths about IT equipment rentals, they’re just signposts at the crossroads of decision-making. If misunderstood, they can lead to unnecessary spendings. Leasing, like any tool, is as good as how we wield it. For people who have to decide on purchasing IT equipment, it’s about smart choices, about squeezing value out of every rupee, about riding the wave of innovation, without sinking the ship. It’s about flexibility, sustainability, and partnership. Let’s not let the myths veil the possibilities. After all, isn’t the future about making informed, strategic choices and not merely following the worn paths?

Laptop on Rent

The Definitive Guide to Laptop Rentals: Saving Costs and Boosting Productivity

Introduction: The Growing Popularity of Laptop Rentals

It was an unsettling time for Abhishek, an IT manager, as his company faced the harsh reality of downsizing due to mounting expenses. The storage room was filled with high-end laptops, once considered essential for the organization’s growth, now gathering dust. The significant initial investment in these devices weighed heavily on Abhishek’s mind. Could they have opted for renting laptops instead, saving the upfront cost and using it to fuel growth and meet unexpected financial challenges?

Renting laptops? Wait, can we do that? Yes we can and more and more businesses are opting for same. In fact in America equipment rental in general was a 87.5 billion dollar industry. And renting IT equipment had a big share in it.

But why rent a laptop for your business? Because laptop rentals are – a smarter, more flexible, and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the technology race. No longer restricted by hefty upfront investments and the burden of outdated equipment, companies are making great use of the benefits of renting laptops to meet their ever-changing IT needs.

In this article, we will explore what laptop rental is and why increased number of businesses are opting for same. We will also try to uncover some myths about laptop rental and then discuss most common benefits. We will explain a step by step process of renting laptop and also how to find right rental company for your business.

Understanding Laptop Rental: What it Means and How it Works?

Laptop rental is a service that allows organizations to lease laptops and other IT equipment for a specified period, providing the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. This innovative approach lets businesses access high performing laptops without the heavy upfront investments or the ongoing responsibility of maintenance and updates.

At Rentry, laptop rental follows an uncomplicated process that caters to businesses of all sizes:

  1. Select the appropriate laptops, considering your organization’s technical needs and project requirements.
  2. Decide for how long you need laptops for. Rentry offers competitive laptop rental prices for both short term laptop rentals as well as long term laptop rentals. In fact, Rentry is among very few companies that do not require a long-time commitment, so you can start for a small period and extend it as per your needs.
  3. Receive the rented laptops from us, pre-configured for immediate deployment.
  4. Utilize support and maintenance services throughout the rental duration, minimizing downtime.
  5. Conclude the rental by returning the equipment, and we will take care of the rest.

This infographic should help you keep steps in mind.

Infographic showing the steps involved in laptop rental, from start to finish.
Laptop rental: A step-by-step guide.

By renting, you can equip your team with high performance laptops, tailored to their specific needs, which doesn’t require a massive financial commitment or the headache of managing a fleet of devices. Rentry makes this a reality. With our affordable laptop rental services, we’re ready to cater to all your IT needs.

Myths that stop people from renting laptops

There’s a lot of misinformation about renting a laptop for business. So together let us look into these myths and check how true they are. Below are some prevalent myths and the actual facts you should know.

  1. The High-Cost Fallacy: Most common argument is that leasing costs more than buying. The reality, however, is different. Advancement in technology means equipment can lose its value even before it stops functioning. On the other hand, renting does not just free you from heartache of watching your equipment becoming obsolete; it also liberates your capital, paves the way for timely tech upgrade.
  2. The Outdated Tech Myth: Another widespread belief is that leased equipment is old and outdated. The truth is quite the contrary. At Rentry laptop rentals, we pride themselves on supplying equipment that meet your needs of today and not of past, allowing businesses to stay abreast of the latest advancements without hefty initial investments.
  3. The Ownership Misconception: There’s a common issue that leasing IT equipment leaves you without any ownership rights. While it is not a lie. It’s also a well understood fact today that value of equipment comes from the results it produces and not from its ownership. Also, if you take laptop on rental from us for a long period, we are open to shifting the ownership to you at the end of the contract period.
  4. The ‘Only for Big Businesses’ Myth: Some people believe that leasing is a strategy exclusive to large corporations. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMEs to multinational corporations, can reap the benefits of leasing. Our industry offers scalable, flexible IT solutions that align with unique needs and budgetary boundaries. Compare it to renting space to run your business. Just like one can rent a small shop to a 20-story building, one can rent laptop based on their need.
  5. The Inflexibility Fallacy: Finally, there’s a myth that leasing IT equipment is rigid and prohibits customization. In reality, rentry rentals is happy to meet a business’s specific needs, including custom configurations, additional features, and adaptable contract terms. Also, consider a situation where you only need laptops for temporary usage, like a short project or to manage a short spike in work. Buying will never give you the flexibility but rental can provide you with temporary laptop rental.

In short, don’t let these myths deter you from exploring the benefits of renting your IT equipment. Renting is a cost-effective, and flexible solution that could be perfect for your business needs.

Benefits of Laptop Rentals

As organizations discover the merits of leasing equipment, they are embracing this flexible and cost-effective solution with open arms. Following is a list of five common benefits you can experience in renting laptops for your organization.

  1. Cost Savings and Reduced Capital Expenditure: When it comes to laptop rentals, one of the most attractive aspects is the ability to significantly reduce upfront costs. By turning those large initial investments into more manageable monthly expenses, companies can free up valuable capital. This saved capital can then be directed toward the growth of the company for creating better products or reaching new markets.
  2. Improved Productivity and Efficiency: you do not need to worry about a new expense every time your team struggles with a slow machine and malfunctioning equipment.
  3. Access to the Latest Technology: Laptop rentals keep your businesses at the forefront, providing access to state-of-the-art devices without the burden of costly upgrades.
  4. Customization and Scalability: Rentry is your perfect partner when it comes to scaling your business as we can quickly provide you with new laptops and other IT equipment whenever you decide to expand. Again, without incurring large upfront costs.
  5. Hassle-free Maintenance and Support: One of the most appealing aspects of laptop rentals is the peace of mind that comes with knowing maintenance and support are taken care of by the rental provider. With laptop rentals, Rentry takes care of maintenance and support, allowing your employees to focus on growing your business.

Guidelines for Selecting the Best Laptop Rental Company

Finding the right provider for your organizational needs is probably as crucial as finding a life partner. And equally difficult. But we are sharing 7 tips that can help you find a reliable partner. You may find us to be a little biased and that confidence comes from several reputed clients over the years.

  • Tip 1: Evaluate Your Business Requirements: Stay true to your needs. Instead of buying for the future or the past, embrace the flexibility of renting. With laptop rentals, you can upgrade as your requirements change, ensuring your technology is always up to date.
  • Tip 2: Check Their Industry Experience: Seek out providers with a formidable reputation. One sign of credibility is government projects, as these typically involve thorough due diligence before a company is awarded the contract.
  • Tip 3: Examine Their Service Area Coverage: If your business spans multiple cities, consider a provider with offices in those locations. Even if you’re not in multiple cities, a wide service area suggests a reputable and established company.
  • Tip 4: Assess Their Laptop Inventory Size: An ample inventory ensures your provider can accommodate short-notice requests and support your business as it expands. It also means you will not have to search for a new vendor when your needs grow.
  • Tip 5: Check for Additional Equipment Rental Possibilities: Opt for providers that offer more than just laptops. Seek out companies that can supply printers, servers, tablets, and MacBooks, ensuring you have a one-stop shop for all your technology needs. Present and future.
  • Tip 6: Understand the Rental Contract and Conditions: Do not get caught in an unnecessarily restrictive contract. Review the terms and conditions to ensure they are fair and don’t put undue pressure on you as a customer.
  • Tip 7: Evaluate the Quality of Support and Services: Quality service and support are paramount. Ensure your chosen provider is responsive and reliable, with a proven track record of keeping their clients satisfied.

By following these tips, you can confidently select a laptop rental provider that meets your needs and propels your business forward.


The choice to embrace laptop rentals is both wise and strategic. Laptop rentals are an opportunity for your organization to break free from the constraints of outdated technology, high upfront costs, and the hassle of maintenance. By opting for this flexible and cost-effective solution, you’re making a sound, logical decision that prioritizes your company’s needs and growth.

Remember, you’re not merely renting equipment, you are equipping your team with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. This isn’t just about renting laptops; it’s about embracing a mindset that values adaptability, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Renting laptops from Rentry is not a mere transaction; it’s a strategic partnership. We help you equip your team with the necessary laptops to excel in their roles. We ensure that we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, providing solutions tailored to your needs. We’re not just here to rent you a laptop; we’re here to be a part of your journey towards growth and success.