Laptop Rentals: 7 reasons businesses moving to us

Laptop Rentals: 7 reasons businesses moving to us


Before we write about this topic, we want to emphasize that we are in a very competitive industry and most of our competition is also very hand working and competent. There is undeniable mutual respect. Hence please do not see it as an attempt by us to malign our competition.

There are times when we are not our clients first service provider. This article is an attempt to understand the motivation behind moving to us. Lot of times, word of mouth worked in our favour. However, sometimes clients move to us because either they were dissatisfied with their previous service provider or because of growth in their business and other logistic reasons.

Below is the list of some potential reasons:

Equipment Quality and Technical Support:

One of the most common reasons for which a business comes to us after leaving its existing service provider is because they are not happy with the equipment provided by the previous service provider. Not all service providers do quality checks to ensure that the equipment they provide works without hassle.

In the world of business, reliable tools are like trusted companions. They help us perform tasks efficiently, and deliver results consistently. Same goes for IT equipment. When a company opts for leasing, it expects the equipment to be working, efficient, and reliable. But what if the leased equipment frequently malfunctions or has been slow and underperforms? It’s like using a blunt knife in a gourmet kitchen. Every glitch, every downtime, every system crash is a blow to the company’s productivity. It’s a hurdle in the smooth flow of operations. Businesses, therefore, start seeking a provider that doesn’t just lease IT equipment, but ensures it’s of the highest quality – modern, efficient, and reliable. Because, in the end, a tool is only as good as the work it helps produce.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Communication is the backbone of any relationship, including the one between a company and its IT leasing provider. If the provider is unresponsive, provides inadequate support, or simply doesn’t understand the company’s needs, it’s like talking to a brick wall. The company feels unheard, undervalued, and frustrated. Poor customer service can be a deal-breaker, leading businesses to look for a new provider. One that doesn’t just respond but listens. One that doesn’t just solve problems but prevents them. One that values its customers and strives to make their journey smooth, satisfying, and successful.

Many of the businesses tell us about the troubles they faced with their old service providers. They also felt that the technical support they were provided for rental laptops often was not good enough. And it often caused them to miss deadlines and have poor productivity. Sometimes they even lost days of work.

We at Rentry are known for our Tech Support and Customer Service. Customers who come to us because of word of mouth will tell you that our customer service and tech support was one of the main reasons that got us recommended. We like to listen to your problems, understand your needs and are quick to respond. We not just provide you with great equipment to work with, we are always available to make sure its working.

Contract Terms:

Here’s a simple truth – one size does not fit all. Just like you’d pick shoes that fit you well, a company needs a lease contract that aligns with its unique needs. Contracts that are inflexible or not aligned with the company’s requirements can become a burden rather than a benefit. Maybe the duration is too long, chaining the company to outdated equipment. Or perhaps it’s too short, leaving the business scrambling for a new lease before they’re ready. The result? The company starts looking for a different provider, one that can offer tailored contract terms, mirroring its business model, growth rate, and long-term strategies.

While this does not happen often, but some leasing companies create contracts that are really tough on their clients. Long commitment periods, too high turn around time and penalties on regular wear and tear keeps their clients too afraid to make best use of leased equipment. In such cases clients change their service providers

Availability of Equipment:

Few of our clients came to us because they needed a particular IT setup to kickstart an important project. But alas, their previous provider could not supply the necessary equipment in the required quantities or within the required timeframe. They felt like soldiers without guns.

Such inconsistencies can severely hamper a company’s growth trajectory and tarnish its market reputation. Consequently, they may switch to a provider who can guarantee the availability of the desired equipment when they need it, where they need it.

We usually keep inventory that goes in to thousands of IT equipment of various types. This ensure even if there are sudden demands, we are able to fulfil it at short notice.

Growth or Downsizing:

Business is an ever-evolving landscape. Companies grow, they downsize, they pivot. And with every shift, their IT needs also transform. A start-up that leased a small IT setup may now be a burgeoning enterprise needing a more extensive, more sophisticated system. Or a business might need to scale down due to unforeseen circumstances. If the existing leasing provider can’t accommodate these changes, the company is likely to seek a new partner. A partner who understands its changing dynamics, and can offer flexible solutions that resonate with its current reality.

A Software Development company from Gurgaon decided to open a branch at Bengaluru. So they were looking for a partner who also had offices in Bengaluru. That’s when they found us and we have been working together since.

Technological Advancements:

The world of technology is like a river, always flowing, always changing its course. As newer technologies emerge and industry standards shift, a company might find itself needing different types of equipment, ones their current provider does not offer. It’s like being stuck in a time warp while the world outside zips by. Therefore, businesses may seek a new provider who’s not just up-to-date with the latest advancements but can also make them accessible and affordable for their clients.

A marketing agency who moved to us from a different provider told us was that their old service providers were equipped to provide them with regular laptops, however they were not able to provide them with MacBooks which they need for certain international clients. Similarly, another client moved to us because their provider could not provide high end servers and it made sense to them to come to us as we could meet all their IT equipment needs.


Last but not the least. Cost. Every rupee counts in business. When a company signs a lease contract, it expects the charges to be competitive and fair. But imagine if the leasing company starts charging significantly more than market rates, or if the company discovers another provider who offers a better deal. It’s like paying for a gold ticket but getting a bronze experience. The company might feel like it’s not getting its money’s worth, sparking the search for a provider who can offer top-tier service without the top-tier price tag.

We keep our prices extremely reasonable where it’s a win-win situation for us and our client. Also, since we deal in big quantities, more often than not, we are able to provide prices that not all our competitors can.


In conclusion, the relationship between a company and its IT equipment leasing provider is a delicate dance. It needs the right balance of cost-effectiveness, equipment quality, favourable contract terms, timely availability, growth accommodation, technological advancement, customer service, and service quality. When this balance is upset, the company might decide to change its dance partner. It’s not just about finding a provider; it’s about finding the right one. The one that aligns with the company’s goals and needs and become a pillar for its growth.

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